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E Learning-001

Our courses bring together concept and application in straightforward presentations that will have you able to significantly step up the effectiveness of the implementation of your performance management and controls immediately after you complete a course.

We consolidate explanations of why we do certain things by pointing out only the principles without too much less important information and focus on showing you how to do the applications and good practices to follow in using the information gained to drive project delivery success.

We have taken key processes, broken them down into building block elements that are based to be implemented today. In each course, if a template or spreadsheet would be helpful to your application we will have included those in the course

  • Our courses are aligned with accepted good project management practices and a¬†foundation in these 5¬†Core Performance Practice Principles.
    • Integrate Work, Budget and Schedule Baselines
    • Use Objective Performance Measurements or Indicators
    • Conduct Performance Assessment at Detailed Level
    • Make Performance Corrections in a Timely Fashion
    • Use Tools that Forecast Future Performance
  • As courses are published, they will be linked and delivered through Udemy, which is an On-Line Learning System.
  • All courses qualify for the Project Management Institute (PMI) Category B Professional Development Units and also can be used to fulfill course requirements for taking the PMP examination/credentialing. The courses may also fulfill requirements for other Project Management or other Discipline Continuing Education Units. As such, we will provide documentation for those submissions.