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Personal Coaching


Do you find yourself wanting to confer with a professional colleague on a specific project process question and do not find that connection? Personal coaching allows you to confer with a professional practitioner with a focus on helping you address your questions, talk through various solutions to issues, or build your own skills and competency. The reason it is stated as personal coaching is because your coaching sessions are strictly between you and your coach.

Coaching is action-oriented and solution-oriented with a focus on present conditions and issues and moving towards future resolution, changes and increased skills. A coaching relationship is not a set plan but has the ability to shift the needs of the sessions to help you develop or mature your needs or goals. Coaching is not the coach providing solutions and directing the client to implement the coach’s solutions.

Throughout this working relationship, the coach will engage in direct conversations with you in a pro-active collaborative approach between you and your coach. The primary responsibility of the coach is the role of a facilitator of learning or change and your responsibility to enact or bring about the application of learning or changes.

At the start of a potential coaching engagement, we encourage you to take the downloadable assessment. This will help both you and your coach establish what is your self-assessment and you can use as coaching sessions progress or when you are finished to identify if you have accomplished gain in your knowledge.

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